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I Tried The WEIRDEST Art Supplies I could find..(liquid pencils, clear paint??)

Hi alexa, how many days ago, since march 23rd, 2019 march 23, 2019 was 591 days ago. 591. Days ago i have been planning this video. So what happened on that date is my friend robin sealark uploaded a video where ...

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I Tried Weird Infomercial Art Supplies From My Childhood *20 years later lol*

*, What Is In My Eye? Oh My God.. What Is That? Oh, My God. Anyway Whatever. I'm Just Gonna Not Be Able To See For The Rest Of This Video. I Don't Care. Uh, ...

I Tried Vintage 70 Year Old Art Hacks From The 1950's *lets not go back lol*

*, Hey Everybody: How's It Going Now? Normally, I Would Say & Quot, Welcome Back & Quot To An Art History. Video & Quot Welcome Back & Quot To An Art, Hack V...

I Bought The World's Most Expensive Oil Paint **the Rolls-Royce of paint**

*, It's Rae Here, And Welcome Back To A Very, Very Special Edition Of & Quot, Expensive Art Supplies That No Human In Their Right Mind Would Need. & Quot. To...

Overlooked Movie Review - Broken Arrow (1996)

Today's, Overlook Review Is Actually One Of My Favorite Action Movies Of All Time. I'm, Not Kidding. I Adore Broken Arrow And I Don't Care. What Anybody Says...

8 Art Supplies I REFUSE To Use..*seriously dont get these lol*

*, Okay, So Two Things Before We Start This Video. One. This Chair Is Incredibly Loud And Squeaky, And I Acknowledge That Throughout The Entirety Of This Vid...

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Now, With The Title Like That, Do I Really Need To Explain The Plot? Well, Let's. Do It Anyway. This Movie Opens With The You...

I Tried Sculpting My Own Face..(no seriously lol)

Now You Guys Know Me As Ray Dizzle The Artist The Painter The Drawer, But Today I'm, Going To Be Known As Ray Dizzle. The Sculptor Has A Good Ring To It. Now...

Frankenweenie - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann

Honestly, Can I Remember The Last Time Tim Burns Made A Movie Without A Pale-faced Johnny Depp. Until Today, Frankenweenie Is A New Stop Motion, Animated Fil...

Pablo Bronstein at Chatsworth House on The Art Channel

Hello Welcome Back To The Art Channel With Grace Adam And Joshua White, And This Week We Are Looking At The Work Of Pablo Bronstein At Chatsworth House In De...

Top 5 Nostalgia Memories

So I'm, Going To Try Something A Little Different Today. What I'm Going To Be Doing Is Giving You A List Of My Top Five Things That Make Me Feel Nostalgic No...