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Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter. Now, with the title like that, do I really need to explain the plot? Well, let's. Do it anyway. This movie opens with the young Abraham Lincoln, very young, like he's, a boy and everything and he witnesses a vampire kill his mother as he grows up.

He kind of starts this course of vengeance. He wants to find this guy who killed his mother. He meets this guy who's, a vampire hunter who trains him to be a vampire hunter, and he goes out every night, killing vampires hoping to find this guy who murdered his mother.

Now it's, Abraham Lincoln, and that's. Really, the novelty of this movie is the fact that you get to see Abraham Lincoln killing vampires. I think that's, really cool. That's, a great idea. That is such a great idea, and I was really looking forward to seeing this movie and seeing like what they can do with it.

For the first half of this movie, there's, lots of vampire stuff going on lots of vamp deaths, vamp faces or just coming at you out of the screen popping out of the 3d, which ain't bad. It's. Alright, 3d ain't bad.

I thought Benjamin Walker did a really good job as Abe Lincoln. I liked his character. I like the way he portrayed his character. I did a nice job. You meet Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who's, freaking hot, and she decides to get into a relationship with Abe and everything.

Then the halfway point happens: Abe is like in his 50s and he's a president already and he doesn't like killing vamps anymore, and there's like this long, drawn-out period of nothing really for like a good 25 minutes to a half an hour and the movie really slowed down to me.

The novelty of seeing Abraham, Lincoln killing vampires is seeing a guy who looks like Abe Lincoln. You know he's, got the beard got, the Hat is got the suit. He actually looks like Abe Lincoln, killing vampires, that sounds cool, but for the first half of the movie, even though the action was there and everything it's still, it was just really a guy cuz.

He looked nothing like Abe Lincoln until the last half of the film, and so it was really just a guy killing vampires. So for me, I really didn't, get to see Abe, good old, Honest Abe, killing vamps until the finale of the movie.

Really, I really thought there was a lot of potential with this movie to be really good, and this one we could really go both ways. You know when you go in this movie, it could either be horrible, I mean it could just be like wow or it could be really fun.

You know, for me, this movie was kind of in the middle, and my biggest problem with this movie is that it takes itself dreadfully serious. It really does with a movie like this. With the title like that it's, got ta, be really self-aware.

You know it has to be aware of the fact that it's, Abe Lincoln the slashing down vampires. You know it. Shouldn't be taken so seriously, but they really treat this as like a straightforward drama to be a movie like Kill Bill.

You know, I mean it needs to have smiles and has to have humor the humorous sucked right out of this movie. There are no laughs in this movie there's, really no smiles. It's, honestly kind of dark and sad.

If you saw wanted, which is by the same director as this film, then you understand the kind of action you're gonna see it's. A lot of very over produced CGI sped up, really quick and then slow mode. All of a sudden and then sped up again in slow mode again, and you just kind of have to go with that, and that's, not really the problem I have of the movie it's, just the fact that they took It so seriously and it just sucked all the life out of this movie that could have been there.

It should have been pulpy and fun and entertaining if you go to this movie, and you just want to see some bloody vampire deaths, you'll. Get that for sure that it's. Definitely in this movie, I think Benjamin Walker does good, is Abe Lincoln, but for the most part, the writing in this movie and the way that they set the tone for everything just really sucked the life out of it.

For me, and I didn'- t really enjoy it. That much I'm. Giving here I'm, Lincoln vampire hunter se. It could have been better it wasn't awful it just it. Just wasn't quite there for me, so guys I'd like to know what's, your favorite vampire movie.

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