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Honestly, can I remember the last time Tim burns made a movie without a pale-faced Johnny Depp. Until today, Frankenweenie is a new stop motion, animated film by Tim Burton it's, actually really special for him, because it was one of the first shorts he ever made.

It's all in black and white. It's. Very stylish, it's about this little kid. He just he loves his dog so much and when his dog dies, he decides to try to recreate him in this very Frankenstein esque wave.

He brings his dog back to life with the scientific experiment, which then causes all these other problems with other animals which causes other problems with the people in the county that he lives in, and it causes this huge adventure where this kid and this dog have to Get out of all these problems, they've now caused simply because they just want to be together.

Frankenweenie is a movie that I was kind of excited for, simply because I love stop-motion animation, I've, always really enjoyed it. Paranorman was great, I loved Coraline, and although there are some great timber and movies, I've loved there's.

A lot of times where I just kind of get sick of the whole gothic thing and you know, do something a little different and you know what. Even though there's, definitely staple Tim Burton things in this movie, like you know the dark, creepy style, the children's movie, that's, not really for children and the long suburban streets where there's.

Some sort of mountain range in the background or something you know where everyone's just on this perfect little suburbia neighborhood made for Tim Burton land, although it has a lot of those Tim Burton cliches in it, I really enjoyed Frankenweenie and that's because of the heart that was in this film and the adventure and the whimsical nature of the movie and has a really good feel to it, and it's different.

It has a lot of strange quirks and I don't just mean because it's, Tim Burton and his movies are always a little off-kilter. It had that same thing, a ParaNorman had where characters kind of mumble things and they're quiet and they're not like really loud and everything and not everything is really over exaggerated, like it isn't a lot Of animation it's very toned down it's kind of quiet and it's a little more adult it's, not really for young kids.

This movie isn't a little girl. That was sitting next to me and my friend was crying through most of the movie and eventually the mom had to take her out because she was too young. I, however, liked it because of that I like, when you go to a film that's like a family film, but it ends up having stuff for adults in there too, and it's kind of creepy, and I, like that off Scale that some of Tim Burton's movies have Danny Elfman score is also really good and it was really fun.

I want to pick it up for sure it wasn't his typical, like, oh you know, he's, that that's, my that's. My danny elfman impression. You know how all of his scores for timbre noise had like this really loud choir.

In the background, this one was different. I liked it. The heart of the movie is a relationship between the boy and the dog, and it hinges on how much you feel for that relationship on whether or not you will love like or just not like this movie.

That relationship is the heart of this movie and I thought it was sweet. It wasn't overdone it wasn't too sappy it wasn't all cutesy. I had a dog when I was a kid and I loved that dog, and I understand that, and so I was so attached to that dog, and so I kind of understand this movie, probably more than someone who's never had a dog.

Would some of the problems I had with the movie are that it does have like some big ideas? It likes to preach a little bit about science and everything, and I liked actually some of those situations where it caused.

You know discussions. They were actually kind of adult and that kids aren't going to understand, and I really like those scenes. It was just that they didn't, always mesh with the more whimsical adventurous side of the film, and then there was like this side of it was actually seeing something and although both of those sides were definitely entertaining at times, it felt a little Off from the tone scale of things, but know that it's, not your typical animation that's.

Why? I liked it and it's, not flat-out hilarious. It's actually kind of creepy and, towards the end, the actual finale of the film I was actually really getting into it. It was kind of riveting actually and a lot of fun, so I enjoyed Frankenweenie.

I'm gonna give it a B it's, not my favorite animation of the year so far, but I did really enjoy it. I'd, say ParaNorman still takes the cake for favorite animation, thanks a lot for watching guys and as always.

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