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You guys want to do a good deed this weekend, just stay home and watch Captain America, the Winter Soldier on blu-ray you'll, feel much better about yourself. Trust me, no good deed stars, Idris, Elba and taraji P.

Henson really tried with that. Name. Probably screwed it up don't, give a crap in this movie inter sailboat plays a guy who really hates women. He just has this thing about women. They enrage him. He wants to beat them up and even kill him, and he's, done it many times in the past and for one reason or another.

He ends up on the doorstep of a mother who's, caring for two children. While her husband is away, he acts like he needs a place to stay, and since she's nice, she lets him in her house and the majority of this movie is him just creeping her out and for some reason she's.

Okay with it for a large majority of the runtime, because if she starts to act like there's, a problem, the movies gonna end a lot shorter than it should be for a feature-length runtime, no good deed.

Really wasn't very good at all. It's horrible. Actually, the thing about no good deed is that it has two fantastic performances in all honesty, injures elbows one of my favorite actors, and he sells this role.

He elevates the idiotic cliched material, he really does and taraji P Henson is also really good in this movie. These are two really good performances and it makes the movie look better than it actually is it's like the director in this movie had himself on standard mode.

It's like if you had standard and then high-energy and then holy crap, Martin Scorsese mode. It was like he was just on standard mode. He gets shots, they look okay, but he doesn't really do anything different or original.

There's, no flair to his style in this movie, and the writing is so bad. I mean there are certain things that characters do and you're like. Why are you doing that? Who invites a guy into their house in the middle of the night and just goes like yeah? You can walk around all here's.

My kids! Look! Oh yeah! Oh, you're crazy until she finally decides to fight back, but it takes forever, because this is a movie that's literally just about a guy in a house being weird that's it so they can't really go anywhere with any of these characters.

Beyond the average they're gonna run around they're gonna hide in the closet. They're gonna run around again. Maybe somebody will get hit in the face. They're gonna hide in the closet. Again it's, just like there are so many different things that could be done with a plot like this, and none of them are done because it just goes for the standard mode.

You know this movie reminded me of a movie that came out in 2001 with John Travolta and Vince Vaughn and teri polo called domestic disturbance. Do you guys ever see that movie it's, a very similar movie in regards to certain things it's, just like it's, just a domestic dispute of some kind and it just yeah there's.

Nothing about it. It's really that interesting and it's done without any Flair. The other one had Vince Vaughn know so that's kind of funny. As I said, interest Elba is a fantastic actor. He is great in this movie, even though the script is really dumb and taraji.

P. Henson is also really good. It's just that the characters don't make any sense. I mean one of the biggest glaring errors that really bugged me was that she's like oh yeah, I'm, like a homicide person like I used to do like homicide cases and stuff, and I've.

Seen a lot of stuff in my life and there's like a maniac killer right in front of her and she's completely, oblivious to it all. Maybe that's. Why she's, not a homicide! Lawyer anymore, because she really sucked at her job, I'm gonna give no good deed a d-plus, not really a good movie, just skip it.

Don't worry about it. I wish it could have been better because I love those actors. They both did a great job but other than that, no guys. Thank you so much as always for watching my reviews. I really appreciate it and if you like this, you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes.

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