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Pixels is directed by Chris Columbus, the man who brought us the first to home alone, films and the first to Harry Potter films that's, sounding pretty good. So far it's, starring Adam Sandler Kevin James Josh GAD, Michelle Monaghan and Peter Dinklage.

It's, the story of aliens that have misinterpreted a signal that we sent them and they send classic videogame characters down to earth to destroy us. Pacman's, eating cars. Donkey kong is slamming things.

Tetris is falling out of the sky centipede. You guys understand what I'm, saying. Hopefully some of you may not remember those games. I do because I grew up playing them. This movie was made for me, look behind me.

Those are Nintendo 64 games a little newer than pac-man games. Obviously I collect retro games. I'm, a retro gamer. I love newer games as well, but I also love retro games. There's, an NES behind me. You guys get where I'm going with this.

This movie was made for me. It's in support of retro gamers. Taking over the military to help save the world, I mean this movie was made for me. So the fact that I freakin hated it should really tell you all you need to know when I watch a movie like pixels.

I should be in heaven, but unfortunately, despite what you may think, of Tetris, literally destroying a building or pacman going across the street. The movie just doesn't work because at its whole it's.

Another Adam Sandler movie, with virtually no effort, put in terrible, lame jokes that fall flat every second Kevin James as the President of the United States. I mean you already lost me at Adam Sandler, getting together with Michelle Monaghan.

You already pushed that too far. I'm, not buying that aspect of the movie I'm, certainly not buying Kevin James as the freakin President of the United States and he's. Doing the exact same thing he does in every Adam Sandler movie spill.

Something or knock something over goes, Oh or does something stupid it goes are just. Oh, I'm. Sorry, we're all, but that's all he does it's old. Now guys it's old okay, Adam Sandler is so frickin wealthy now that he can just make any movie ever and it's like okay, the saddest part about it is that Sony.

The company behind this film has been publicly out. Not wanting to support sailor anymore and getting tired of throwing money at him constantly, because his movies suck Josh GAD in this film seems to confuse comedy for screaming at the top of his lungs.

Every line out of his mouth is almost always screamed as high-pitched as he can possibly say it, and I think he thinks it's funny, but it wasn't funny at all. The only time I laughed in this movie was from Peter Dinklage.

He had one good zinger in there and I laughed, and he was by far the best part of the movie. He was the bright spot of this film and by far the most talented person in this film, the movie also continuously reverts back to news stories that the characters are watching on TV and they're, complete with like multiple angle, professional camera cuts.

It's, the most it's like they're, not even trying pixels is a film that relies on the nostalgia of these games. Nostalgia that I happen to have. However, it continuously acts like a movie for 11-year olds who have no idea what any of these games are.

So not only does the movie not know what its audiences it doesn't even know how to cater to its own audience. Its idea of catering to its own audience is having Adam Sandler flip around a CGI green screen environment hitting barrels with a pixelated hammer, because for some reason they think I will like that, because I grew up playing all the Donkey Kong games.

But I don't because the story in this film and the characters and the jokes and virtually everything about it simply isn't interesting or investing in the slightest and the worst part of it. Is it's? Just not funny this is a comedy.

It's, not funny. It fails in the most important aspect of what comedies are supposed to do make you laugh so, just because I enjoy the nostalgic aspect of these video games. I can't enjoy this film, because the entire story surrounding it is so terrible that I can't bring myself to say that really any part of this movie was enjoyable for me, and this is coming from somebody who really wanted To like this movie, I wanted to love this movie.

The idea of this movie is genius and they drop the ball on every possible level. Pixels absolutely gets an F guys. I'm curious to know if your fellow gamers, whether you like new or old, better, I'd, like to know if you actually found some enjoyment in that aspect of the movie, even though the rest of it kind of deflated or If you actually just like the movie at all, because I really couldn't watch this movie, I almost left like four times, but I sat through the entire thing and I'm being honest.

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