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So I'm, going to try something a little different today. What I'm going to be doing is giving you a list of my top five things that make me feel nostalgic now. Most of these things are very personal to me.

So please don't comment saying what about this, and what about that? Because this is my list of things that I remember from my childhood, that make me go like the good old days number five. The Super Nintendo is really the first system that I actually played and just absolutely love.

My friends and I would play this system for hours on end games like Donkey Kong Country right here. We would play for hours and hours and hours till we memorized all the music and all the different little places where you had to jump and, of course, there's.

Those formal be creature, things that always pop out and kill you when you're ten minutes and it'll, anyons and restart is horrible other than that fantastic game. Now I can remember playing mini Super Nintendo games or, for some reason, Donkey.

Kong Country and Super Mario World stand out the most to me as being very memorable and very nostalgic for me now, and I think about that this game at the very similar gameplay. As the NES Mario, except for the fact that the graphics were better, the lands were a little bit harder and a lot of the controls were a lot better than the NES version.

Still, though, when I think about the opening credits music, I just get this little feeling like. Oh, I remember that it's. Just great number, four somebody won't tell me the world is gonna roll me. Yes, I was one of those children who sat by the radio and hoped that my favorite time would come on with the cassette tape.

So I could record it nowadays we all download from the internet, but back then I recorded things on a cassette tape from the radio, because that was what cool kids did back then I love bands like Sugar, Ray and smash mouth and Third Eye Blind, and I Would just listen to the songs over and over again on the radio, and they never seem to get old to me, like songs today get old.

I miss those kind of songs and there by me of the good minds: the birth, three old Nickelodeon, that's right, the Nickelodeon of the 90s before it became the Nickelodeon that it unfortunately is today shows like angry beavers cat dog KaBlam.

Are you afraid of the dark all that Kenan and Kel Doug Rugrats Rocko's, Modern Life and my personal favorite, Hey Arnold? These shows just seem to have more heart, more feeling they seem like they were actually trying to make quality entertainment not just make the same dumb shows over and over and over again like they do today, and she was like hey.

Arnold meant something there was morals. There was a message: they were actually trying to reach young people's minds, it wasn't, just mindless entertainment like it is today, but I do love spongebob and you get extra props.

If you remember this little guy, I kind of you might want to stay tuned for details. Number two few things make me happier than remembering the times of playing Nintendo 64 all night and being so tired that I was tired throughout the entire day of school.

I loved all the classics like Super Mario 64 and Zelda Ocarina of Time and Goldeneye, of course, but there was one game that I thought was very underrated that not too many people played as much as they should have.

I felt, and that was jet force, Gemini a game that I absolutely loved. I played this game for hours on end, my friends and I would get together and talk about which weapons that we get, which new characters did we get? How far are we are? We close to the end how many tribals that we collect.

It was just an incredible game and, in all honesty, my favorite video game score of all time by Robin bean Lynne. Please looking up, it came out the same time Donkey Kong 64 came out, and so it kind of got overshadowed by that, and I feel that if you still are into playing in 64, if you & # 39, ve never played Jeff worst time.

I definitely pick it up once again: extra props, if you are a Nintendo Power subscriber and got this VHS in the mail, No from the deepest reaches of space, some darkness approaching the ultimate enemy has arrived.

I have a bad feeling about all this. There's, single-purpose destroy our world blades play they sting. I once took an online quiz that asked me what my favorite part of school was, and I replied the fact that I could run home from it to watch tsunami seriously.

Tsunami is my childhood. So many excellent show Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, outlaw star, Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball, Z and yeah. You know you watch Sailor, Moon at least once or twice put along with that.

Some of the greatest techno beats ever and you & # 39. Ve got one of the greatest programming blocks of all time. On top of that, tsunami has one of the largest fan followings for a programming block.

Ever there are people on the internet begging for it to come back in some way or shape or form on Cartoon Network. So I'm just gonna stop talking and allow you to appreciate the nostalgia. This guy turns black wickedly from my slow look at that steam.

I felt the power like this. Are you not a year?